Which wood shade works for your home colour palette?

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Which wood shade works for your home colour palette?

Knowing which shade and style of wood offers the best fit for your home décor style can be a challenge if you’re not too familiar with the differences between them. 

From walnut to old pine, this guide aims to give you a quick overview on the most common wood tones so you can choose with confidence to complement your current home colour palette. Read on to discover which of our gorgeous reclaimed wood shades suit the various rooms in your home.  

Antique Pine

One of our best-selling wood colours, antique pine is light in colour whilst still carrying slightly warmer honey tones. This beautiful timber is the perfect option if you have used neutral colours such as creams, whites and beiges in your home. Antique pine is a harmonious fit but ensures that you can still make a feature out of wooden accents.

Working well with lighter coloured furniture and glass, antique pine brings warmth and light tones without being too dark. This makes it quite a versatile choice and, it can work even where you have more modern pieces of furniture in the room.  


The darkest wood provided by Ashley Moore, walnut is a wonderfully rich, lustrous wood. We think that this statement timber pairs perfectly with strong tones such as burgundy, indigo or even forest green when you want to create a visually striking look. 

It also works well with more traditional furniture styles as they tend to use darker coloured woods overall.

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Dark Oak

If you’re a lover of oak furniture and are seeking a more rustic feel for your new wooden mantle or floating shelves, then dark oak carries the beautiful grain of oak along with a warmer tone than pine. 

Perfect for honey or terracotta shades, the warmer tones of dark oak are perfect for a more rustic look and feel or for those that want to create a striking contrast against pale walls.

Tudor Oak

Rick and decadent, Tudor oak offers a dark wooden hue with a contrasting, lighter grain making it a real focal point for any room in the house. 

Perfect for either dark or natural spaces due to its lighter finish, this colour is universal making it suitable for many colour schemes and décor styles.

Old Pine

For a bright wooden shade that works well with creams and neutral tones as well as spring greens and yellows, old pine is the perfect choice.

A wood that has been left in its original state, old pine is lighter than many of the other shades stocked by Ashley Moore and is ideal for those who want to champion more natural hues in their home.