Shabby Chic 30cm deep, 5cm thick wooden shelf with industrial metal brackets | Farmhouse Kitchen Shelves



Each one of our 30cm deep shabby chic lipped metal bracket shelves are handmade from two distinct planks which not only ensures maximum safety but also gives them more character. Both planks are fixed together securely with the supplied raw steel metal brackets.

Every piece of metalwork is handmade locally using the finest blend of raw steel and rustic timber – a signature trademark of our lipped shabby chic shelves with metal brackets.

Why Choose Ashley Moore Furniture for Wooden Rustic Shelves?

We are all about quality rustic shelves made from the finest solid wood, yet available at unbelievably affordable prices. Here’s why our satisfied customers have identified with Ashley Moore Furniture as a name that’s synonymous with lifetime quality combined with affordability:

Unparalleled Wood Care

There’s an exhaustive and highly nuanced, painstaking process that goes into acquiring raw materials and working with the best wood craftsmen to build your bespoke rustic shelf. Follow this exciting journey and learn more about our wood building process.

Product Guarantee that Lasts a Lifetime

With us, there is no such thing as a generic, ready-made “one size fits all”. Every single one of our wooden rustic shelves are made to order based on your storage and décor needs. With the amount of careful consideration and care we put into the building process; we are confident enough in our abilities to provide a lifetime guarantee.

( Please note the display photo shows 2 shelves this is for display purposes Only if you want two shelves you have to select 2 on the quantity menu so if you select 1 on the quaintly menu you will get 1 shelf! )